Attorney General Josh Kaul has laid out priorities for his second term. The newly reelected Democrat says public safety will be a top priority for the AG’s office

“The level of violence that we’ve been seeing in communities around the country, in the wake of the pandemic is unacceptable, and we need to make sure we are finally providing adequate funding to our communities.”

Kaul says he hopes to persuade Republican lawmakers of the importance of increased state shared revenue to help local governments pay for things like policing and preventing overdose deaths.

“The dollars that go from state government to local government and support things like local law enforcement. I’d like to see a strengthening of our bail system, and then also some commonsense measures that can prevent gun violence would be helpful, as well like universal background checks.”

Kaul was reelected to a second term this month, defeating Republican, Fond du Lac County DA Eric Toney.

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