Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said Monday that the Trump campaign’s efforts to overturn Wisconsin’s election results aims to disenfranchise Black voters.

The presidential recount demanded by the Trump campaign targeted Dane and Milwaukee Counties, where most of Wisconsin’s Black voters reside, and where Democrat Joe Biden won overwhelming margins. The president lost a cumulative 87 votes in the two county recount, for which his campaign paid three million dollars.

In a statement, Kaul described the campaign’s move as a “Jim Crow strategy for mass disenfranchisement.”

There are already two lawsuits, asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to allow the the Republican controlled legislature to select Wisconsin’s electors. Barry Burden is director of the Elections Research Center at UW-Madison, and spoke with WKOW 27 News.

“No election is perfect, but this one came off pretty well, and I think the recount ought to increase the confidence that people have, in the outcome.”

One suit seeks to throw out all election results – arguing use of ballot boxes was illegal and that if ballots hadn’t been separated, all need to be tossed. Another case claims thousands voted illegally by voting absentee.

The electoral college is set to vote in just over two weeks. State law says the winner of the popular vote gets all 10 of Wisconsin’s electors.

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