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In this time of social isolation, it’s important to keep an eye on your mental, as well as physical health. 

Madison College psychology professor Dr. Jenna Behm-Lawton says one thing to remember is to keep an eye on your friends as best you can, and remember that there are tools available to help people even in a time of isolation.

“Certainly if somebody you know is experiencing anxiety that is interfering with their lives or their they’re panicking or just in general is becoming dysfunctional, it’s absolutely important that they speak to a professional.” 

There are a number of online programs to find a counselor or psychologist to talk to, and many are provided for through insurance. 

Behm-Lawton says another thing you can do to help is do something that isn’t obsessively reading Facebook. 

“Getting rid of the app for a while or placing limits on your own screen time? I know we do that sometimes for our kids but doing it for ourselves is not a bad decision, also,” she says. “Anything that is not just ruminating about the virus or about the negative aspects of being socially isolated, I think all of those are fantastic.”

Behm-Lawton also recommends joining a book club, or finding some other group to chat with online over programs like Skype, Zoom or Discord.

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