Still no suspect identified in the apparent murder of missing coed Kelly Nolan but there some new details about the investigation.

The Dane County Coroner says the body found Monday is probably Kelly Nolan but he can't confirm it without further tests. Apparently that body has been there a while.

Madison police spokesman Joel Despain says the condition of the body is making a positive ID time consuming.

The body remains at the scene where Despain says a special forensic team has been called in that includes a dental specialist, a forensic anthropologist and a bug expert. Despain says they can tell how long a body has been there by looking at insect activity.

Nolan had been missing for two weeks but Despain says it's too early to tell where the victim, probably Kelly Nolan, was killed and how.

As often happens in high profile cases, police spokesman Despain has been getting some flack for the amount of information dispensed to the public but he says it's about protecting the investigation. The primary focus is getting whoever did this behind bars.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:14 MP3 )

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