Some encouraging signs for an economic recovery recently but we're not there yet according to Wisconsin Congressman Ron Kind (D-La Crosse). He says the future will and should and look different. Rather than the economy simply continuing to muddle along from bubble to bubble, the ground work must be laid for sustainable economic growth. He includes health care reform, a new energy policy, as well as ensuring human capital including quality education and job training.

"Otherwise we're just waiting for the next bubble to give us this illusion of wealth only to see it burst on us," warns Kind.

The La Crosse Democrat says part of sustainable growth is finding out what went wrong in order to fix the banks.  He claims in recent times American capitalism has been operating without proper oversight therefore "a sense of balance" must be restored.

Kind says upward signs range from banks indicating they are ready to start repaying TARP funds to recent lower unemployment numbers. While most experts expect a turnaround in the third or fourth quarter of this year, the true measure of recovery will be creating good, new jobs. Kind says because that's the last thing to happen in a recession of this magnitude we're still in for a few tough months.

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