What next for Wisconsin's SeniorCare enrollees? With the Bush administration now committed to forcing participants into Medicare Part-D, Wisconsin Senator Herb Kohl said seniors here will have little choice. "If we can't manage to reverse the decision that they've made, most of these seniors will have to figure out how to become part of a program that is not nearly as simple, as effective and as economical as SeniorCare is." Reversing the decision to end the federal waiver for SeniorCare is seen as unlikely. That means some 104,000 Wisconsin seniors now getting their prescriptions through SeniorCare will have to enroll in Part-D, which Kohl said is still "a work in progress." The Wisconsin Democrat voted against Medicare Part-D, maintaining that the program was written for the drug companies, not beneficiaries or taxpayers.

AUDIO: Bob Hague reports (:60 MP3)

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