Two Waupaca County men have pleaded innocent to killing a man in a hit-and-run drunk driving crash in 2004, and then lying about it to authorities. 25-year-old Rory Kuenzi is accused of hitting Kevin McCoy with his pick-up truck after both had left a nearby underage drinking party.

Authorities said Kuenzi placed McCoy’s body in a ditch and left. The other defendant, 24-year-old Walter Engel, denied a perjury charge. Attorneys will meet with the judge on May 13th to decide how the case will proceed from here.

Meanwhile, Kuenzi is due back in court March 10th on charges connected with the slayings of six deer by snowmobiles on a Waupaca County trail 13 months ago. Authorities said Kuenzi stole the machine he allegedly used in the attacks. The incident resulted in a renewed investigation by the state Justice Department into McCoy’s traffic death.

Jack Barry-WDUX reports (:50)


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