After nearly 36 years in the Legislature, state Senator Alan Lasee (R-De Pere) has decided to step down when his term in office ends next year.

Lasee says it’s a decision that he gave very serious consideration. But, now that he’s over 70-years-old, he thinks it’s time for somebody else to do the job.

The De Pere Republican says there are many accomplishments he’s been proud of during his time serving northeastern Wisconsin. Those include the expansion of Highway 57, a new bridge in Sturgeon Bay, and efforts to protect the rights of property owners.

However, Lasee says he does regret that he’ll likely leave office without a serious debate on whether to reinstate the death penalty. The question has been a long time issue for the lawmaker, with bills introduced during the past several sessions.

Lasee says he did feel vindicated on the issue when a 2006 advisory referendum statewide came back with 67-percent in favor of bringing back the death penalty. However, legislation has never gained traction since then.

Lasee’s district has been swinging towards Democratic support in recent elections. President Obama won the popular vote there in 2008, while Governor Doyle also narrowly claimed the district in 2006. There is already a Democratic challenger after Monk Elmer, a local physician, earlier announced his intention to run against Lasee.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:11)

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