Mandela Barnes

Milwaukee Bucks executive Alex Lasry is out of the race for U.S. Senate. Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes welcomed Lasry’s endorsement Wednesday in Milwaukee’s Deer District. He said the focus now is defeating Republican Senator Ron Johnson.

“I know this is gonna be tough, it’s gonna be difficult, it’s gonna be an uphill battle. But I know it’ll be that much easier because we’re in this together,” Barnes said.

Lasry said he saw no path forward to win the August 9th Democratic primary. “The second I realized that there was no path forward, we made sure that we did what we thought was best for us to be able to defeat Ron Johnson. And that meant getting with the person who is best positioned to do that, and has been running the best campaign in this primary. And that’s the Lieutenant Governor.”

Outagamie County Exec Tom Nelson suspended his campaign on Monday and is also endorsing Barnes. State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski is the remaining high-profile Democrat, and said she intends to stay in the race.



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