Wisconsin residents seem to have a lot more confidence in the state versus the federal response to COVID-19, according to the latest Marquette Law School Poll.

Poll director Charles Franklin said Wednesday that 76 percent of respondents approve of how Governor Tony Evers is handling the pandemic response, as opposed to just 51 percent of people who approve of President Trump’s handling of it.

“That’s a little bit higher than his overall approval rating which we’ve seen in national data as well, but it’s not as high by any margin as we’re Tony Evers at this point.”

Franklin said more and more Wisconsinites are taking the response seriously as the situation became more clear.

“Paying a lot of attention or very concerned about it’ didn’t even pass 50% until a couple of weeks ago so this is been a fast-developing matter of public opinion and public concern.”

More than half of poll respondents would also like to see the Spring Elections moved, with 51 percent saying the date should be moved and 44 percent saying it should be held as scheduled.

Numbers from the latest poll are also showing a reversal in the Democratic presidential primary. Franklin said Bernie Sanders had a commanding lead going into this month’s poll.

“This month the roles are totally reversed with Biden just over 60% Sanders at about 32%.”

Franklin said that people should still view these numbers with caution, simply because of the massive amount of absentee balloting that’s been going on for the Spring Primary.

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