Democratic legislators are accused of promoting sexual promiscuity among teens. Looks like teenage boys from low income families in Wisconsin will soon be getting free condoms. Majority Democrats have approved that as part of the state budget bill they're working on. West Bend Republican Glenn Grothman says it sends a bad message. "The state, through Planned Parenthood, is trying to become the confidant of 16 year olds, and encouraging them to become sexually promiscuous," charges Grothman.

"Under normal circumstances, this is the parent's domain," continues Grothman. "It's not up to the state of Wisconsin to behind the parent's back, and give condoms or birth control pills to freshmen in high school."


The state has already been providing free birth control to 15 year old girls. "Obviously the message, if the state is encouraging Planned Parenthood to get in the schools and put 15 year old girls on the pill, or give condoms to 15 year old boys, is that you are expected to be sexually promiscuous once you get to high school." Girls from low income families have had the free birth control for several years, now males aged 15 to 44 would also be covered, if the measure makes it into the final state budget.

AUDIO: John Colbert reports (:35 MP3)

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