A state lawmaker wants to allow terminally ill Wisconsinites to die with dignity. State Senator Fred Risser (D-Madison) plans to introduce a bill that would legalized doctor-assisted suicides. Risser says many people would like to have the option of having a doctor end their life when they are in a great deal of pain.

Only terminally ill patients would be able to request a physician's help in ending their life. However, Susan Armacost of Wisconsin Right to Life says that won't prevent someone from having their life mistakenly ended early. She says that even when patients are able to make the request, they could have incomplete information or a misdiagnosis guiding their efforts. Armacost says it's a decision that can't be taken back.

Armacost says the so-called "Death with dignity" Act sends the wrong message and should be considered a true human rights atrocity.

The legislation is based on a law already in place in the state of Oregon. [WIBA's John Colbert contributed to this report.]

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:03)

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