We wouldn't be celebrating Memorial Day today, if one state lawmaker had his way. State Representative Terry Musser (R-Black River Falls) says it's not that he's unpatriotic. If anything, the two term Vietnam veteran and chair of the Assembly Committee on Veterans and Military Affairs stands as a strong example of patriotic duty.

However, Musser wants to return to the days when the holiday was celebrated on May 30th. As it currently stands, where Memorial Day always falls on a three day weekend, Musser says many people ignore the real reason why we're even celebrating. He says it's treated more as the unofficial start of summer and focus on making sure they have enough cold beer and hot dog buns on hand for a holiday cookout.

A change isn't likely to come anytime soon. Musser introduces the bill every legislative session at it goes nowhere.

AUDIO: John Colbert reports (MP3 :37)

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