The state budget approved by lawmakers earlier this year allowed for the creation of a school voucher program in Racine. However, state Senator Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) says the language in that provision could allow similar programs in other cities.

Ellis says that’s because the Legislature could not single out Racine in the bill, which eased the restrictions on the creation of voucher programs. He says no other cities currently qualify. Although, he’s worried some will in the future.

Ellis has introduced a bill that would lock in voucher programs to Milwaukee and Racine. It also would require any cities interested in creating them in the future to get legislative approval.

The Neenah Republican says it was not the intention of most lawmakers to allow vouchers statewide. With over 400 schools districts in the state, many of which are facing financial problems, Ellis says the state cannot afford to open Wisconsin to a dual school system.

The bill is awaiting a legislative hearing.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:02)

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