A couple state lawmakers are introducing legislation to put Wisconsin on the forefront of fighting global warming.

Madison Democrat Spencer Black wants Wisconsin to follow in the footsteps of California to take the necessary steps to control global warming and climate desruption. Black says the problem poses too much of a threat to future generations to simply sit on our hands and do nothing.

"Unfortunately the federal government has not acted. And it's necessary for the states to step forward and take action on global warming before this problem becomes so large that it's beyond our ability to affect it."

Black says this Global Warming Solutions bill would require a statewide, enforceable plan to combat global warming. It's similar to legislation signed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"The legislation we're proposing would require Wisconsin to return to 1990 levels of emissions of greenhouse gases by the year 2020."

The measure would include a mandatory reporting system to track and monitor greenhouse gas emission levels, it would enforce an emission limit, and use market mechanisms — such as permit trading — and provide economic incentives to cut industrial emissions.

NOTE: State Representative Spencer Black is the ranking member of the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. State Senator Mike Miller (D-Monona) is cosponsoring this legislation.

AUDIO: Jackie Johnson report (1:18 MP3)

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