Officials with the Milwaukee Brewers want lawmakers to help them stop aggressive ticket sales at sporting events.

There currently is a designated area outside Miller Park for fans to unload extra tickets. However, Brewers general counsel Marti Wronski says that’s not stopping some ticket re-sellers from going after fans all around the ball park. She says the ball club receives multiple complaints every season from fans who say they are stalked by professional ticket sellers roaming the parking lots outside the field.

Wronski says efforts to protect fans aren’t working, because current state allows ticket sales anywhere on public property. She says they can only suggest reselling take place in a designated area located near the Park’s box office.

The Brewers want a change in state law that allows sports venues and local governments to create and enforce the use of special ticket resale zones. Wronski says it’s needed to stop those increasingly aggressive sales tactics.

State Senator Jim Sullivan is sponsoring legislation to make the change. He says lawmakers need to help with efforts to create a family and fan-friendly environment around sporting venues.

Under the bill, violators could be fined or even banned from the property.

The proposal is currently being considered by a Senate committee.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (1:07)


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