A Green Bay talk show host’s two-week suspension is not enough.

WTAQ radio host Jerry Bader is suspended for the next two weeks for offensive comments he made this week about Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton. Lawton says that suspension is not enough.

“It actually should be a second step. We’re missing an apology here from Mr. Bader, from the station management, and from the ownership.”

Lawton is quick to say, though, she has no interest in speaking directly to Bader. The Lt. Governor says journalists, or “would-be journalists,” need to be held accountable for their statements, which have a huge impact on their audience. And, she adds, residents need to be held accountable for how their community is perceived. Lawton says Bader’s comments brand Green Bay as a quote, “provincial backwater.”

“Because Mr. Bader has branded the Green Bay area with his inflamatory rhetoric and homophobia and racism as a provincial backwater. And the Chamber of Commerce and community leaders and the station ownership and people who advertise on that station ought to be greatly concerned about the economic impact that that has.”

Lawton avoided discussion about a possible lawsuit, and says the whole episode is even more “vivid” for her because Green Bay is her home town. On a positive note, Lawton says she’s been flooded with calls and emails of support. A decision on Bader’s future with the radio station will come after his two-week suspension, which starts Monday after two vacation days.

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Jackie Johnson report (1:35 mp3)

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