Another legislative battle is brewing between the state's small family run wineries and the big liquor wholesalers.

The unique wineries around the state can grow grapes, make wine and sell you a bottle or two when you visit. But if that same grower wants to make apple or cherry brandy and sell you some, forget it.

 State representative Samantha Kerkman of Genoa City in the southeast says according to current state law, wineries can't do both. Kerkman, who has one such winery in her district, tried to change the law but ran into a buzz saw from lobbyists for the grocers and liquor wholesalers.

Kerkman says she doesn't really understand all their complaints but it seemed more like they just liked the way things are and were resisting change.

Kerkman says Michigan has passed a similar law and after working with the opponents she hopes they've worked out their differences and can get the bill passed this coming session.

Kerkman says all these wineries want to do is use their diversified crops for other products and aren't trying to put anyone out of business.



AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :57 MP3 )

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