Jim Leonard

Wisconsin Badger defensive coordinator Jim Leonard revealed that he was linked to several job openings after the 2017 season.

According to a report in Thursday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Leonard had opportunities to become defensive coordinator at Alabama, Florida State and Texas A & M.  Leonard told JS that the talks were serious, but he never came close to leaving UW.

“I had conversations with a lot of people,” he told JS on Wednesday.  “The biggest thing is, this is where I want to be.  I’m home.  This place means a lot to me and trying to take this program to the highest level, whatever that may be, means a lot to me.  That is what it came down to.”

Under Leonard, the Badgers finished second nationally in total defense and third in scoring defense last season, and Leonard was rewarded with a new three-year contract.

Leonard made $600,000 last year.  He’s set to make $966,666 this season.

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