hainsen070307.jpg Eric Hainstock was given his mandatory life prison term Friday for killing his high school principal. The 16 year old Hainstock will have a chance to go free in 30 years, at age 46. Sauk County Circuit Judge Patrick Taggart set the parole eligibility date at the end of an emotional sentencing hearing. District Attorney Pat Barrett asked Taggert to keep Hainstock from becoming eligible for parole for the next 50 years. "The public has every right to be terrified," of Hainstock, said Barrett. "There has not been one moment of remorse." The judge said he believed the 16-year-old Hainstock can be rehabilitated and urged state corrections' officials to place him in a juvenile center, where he's most likely to get mental treatment. But Taggart said he could not mandate such a placement under the law. Hainstock's attorney, Rhoda Ricciardi, asked that her client become eligible for parole in 20 years. Hainstock was found guilty Thursday of killing Weston School principal John Klang last September.

AUDIO: Dave Stoeger reports (2:50 MP3)

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