Tourism officials unveil their new ad campaign to keep visitors coming back.

Life is still "So Good"  in Wisconsin but the tourism department is taking a different approach this year according to the department's Jerry Huffman. Rather than destination advertising, the new campaign will stress the emotional experience.

Everyone's idea of a great experience may be different so Huffman says they want people to know, whatever it is, you can find it in Wisconsin. Whether it's a moment on a golf course or eating a cheeseburger on a dock in Door County, you can find your favorite experience here.

Last year a large number of tourists apparently did. Huffman says the number they track is tourist spending and it looks like that number in 2006 was 12-billion dollars.

That could be a record but we'll know tomorrow when a recuperating Governor makes the announcement at the annual Conference on Tourism in Appleton tomorrow, by video.

The department has just over 4-million dollars to spend on advertising in 2007 and will target in-state tourists first followed by the Chicago area where they hope to lure people across the state line for that "Wisconsin experience

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:17 MP3 )

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