A state lawmaker says an enrollment cap for virtual schools needs to be removed.

The cap was part of a 2007 state law authorizing the distance learning programs, which allow students to take classes from home. It limits enrollment to 5,250 students. With over 3,600 students currently enrolled and 21-percent growth a year, state Representative Brett Davis (R-Oregon) predicts they’ll hit that limit within the next two years.

Virtual schools are quickly growing in popularity. Davis says that’s because they’ve proven to be a reliable and effective method for learning, and they help students who may need extra attention they won’t receive in a traditional classroom setting.

The Oregon Republican is sponsoring legislation that would lift the enrollment cap completely. He says there’s no good reason to limit enrollment, other than opposition from the state teacher’s union.

Davis says the current cap only serves to restrict student learning. He says parents should be able to make their own decisions about educating their children.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (:56)


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