There's another Powerball drawing tonight worth fifty- seven million dollars. But that might not be enough.

Andrew Bohage with the Wisconsin Lottery says a forty or fifty million dollar jackpot used to be a big deal for driving ticket sales. But now it seems there needs to be nearly two hundred million to create the same kind of buzz.

But overall, Bohage says the state's lottery is in good shape. The last two years have been the best ever in the Lottery's nineteen year history. But he does see the need to be mindful of the trend toward bigger jackpots in order to keep the public's interest.

While Powerball players will be checking their tickets tonight, Bohage says they still haven't heard from the holder of the Stoughton ticket that won forty-one million last month.

He says it's a little unusual not to hear anything but handing over the winning check could still take months since a winner has one hundred and eighty days to claim the prize. 

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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