Remember those standardized tests you hated to take in high school? One Wisconsin school is trying to make it worth while.

Get out your number 2 pencils and mark within the lines. 10th graders around the state are taking those standardized tests that usually don't mean much for the students themselves.

But it does mean something to schools that must meet No Child Left Behind standards and the tests are a benchmark.

The principal of Janesville's Craig High school, Mike Kuehne says they decided to give students an incentive to do well, extra lunch time and extra credit. For example, students who receive an advanced score in either reading, math, science or social studies, will get 3 per cent added to their classroom grade in those subjects.

Kuehne hopes the students will now take the test more seriously and that the results will reflect what the kids really have learned. Regardless of No Child Left Behind or how it looks for the school, Kuehne says they just want the students to try hard and do well.



AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( :57 MP3 )

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