Green Bay Packers reserve linebacker Terrell Manning got good pressure up the middle and drilled Seattle quarterback Brady Quinn to the turf as Quinn released a pass in last night’s 17-10 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.  What looked like a clean play turned into a 15-yard personal foul for roughing the passer.  It would appear to be a very poor call by the officials.

AUDIO: Manning on getting hit for roughing the passer :10

Manning isn’t going to fret over the call.  But he’s also hoping it doesn’t come with a fine on his first paycheck.

AUDIO: Manning is hoping to avoid a fine :08

Manning said he didn’t get an explanation from the officials, although he wishes he would have asked for one.  It would appear to be another example of the direction the NFL is taking at protecting quarterbacks.

AUDIO: Manning on the direction the league is taking on hits on qb’s :10


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