Gary Storck

A veteran Wisconsin marijuana advocate is underwhelmed by the Democratic National Committee’s platform, which calls for legalizing its medical use, but does not support full legalization of the drug.

Gary Storck noted that the popular recreational drug is still listed as a Schedule I drug by the federal government.

“They (the DNC platform committee) say that cannabis should be rescheduled. That was something that we talked about the 1970s,” Storck told WRN. “At this point, the only honest way to deal with cannabis is to completely remove it from the schedule.”

Currently, 11 states and the District of Colombia have made recreational cannabis legal.

The DNC platform committee rejected an amendment calling on the party to support marijuana legalization as an official 2020 policy plank, but included language supporting rescheduling and decriminalization.”

“Decriminalization? Yeah, that would be great. But still, that’s another 1970s idea. You know, this is 2020, and people are expecting a lot more,” Strock said, adding that the 2020 platform is “several steps backwards,” from 2016, when the party platform included language calling or a path to legalization.

The DNC platform also calls for expungement of prior convictions, legalizing medical cannabis and allowing states to set their own laws.

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