Haiti’s earthquake has hit home for a Marshfield family. Stephanie and Jeff Salzwedel were in the process of adopting a girl from that poverty-stricken country. The 2-year-old girl’s name was Anchife. Stephanie even traveled to an orphanage there just before the adoption fell through last year. She says that while the earthquake has been devastating, conditions in the country weren’t very good before.

“They talk on the news now about how they don’t have electricity now, and they don’t have water. They’ve never had those things, or least in limited quantities,” says Stephanie. “I think the earthquake the earthquake has just kind of brought it to the forefront, and made people stop and look.” Stephanie says the people of Haiti have an old Creole saying: ‘Degage.’ In their culture it means ‘make do with what you have.’

“I think they appreciate what they have, even though they have very little,” she says of the Haitian people. “It’s just a very different mindset than what we experience here. Until you see it, it’s hard to fathom it.”


Stephanie says news of the earthquake has been hard to take. They’ve been trying to track down information about Anchife, but at this point, they don’t even know if she survived. “It’s personal for me. It’s not just some random people that I see on the screen and I can turn off. I’ve been there. I’ve been to those places. I have people that I love there.”

Paul Knoff, WCCN

AUDIO: Paul Knoff reports (:60 MP3) AUDIO: Paul Knoff reports (:60 MP3)

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