Marshfield police are taking over an investigation into a confrontation at last Sunday’s Black Lives Matter protest in Stevens Point.

A number of people in a truck flying Confederate flags repeatedly buzzed the crowd until a scuffle finally broke out. Mayor Mike Wiza says this was no accident. 

“When they didn’t get the reaction they wanted the first time they drove through they did it again, and again, until they got what they were seeking. This type of behavior is not something our community wants. We condemn it and denounce it in our loudest voices possible.”

One of the people involved is the grandson of a member of the city’s Police and Fire Commission, while another is a tenant of a police officer. Wiza says they want no conflicts of interest in the investigation. 

“We did this to ensure that we were able to completely separate the Stevens Point Police Department, the police and fire commission, and even City Hall from any possible influence while the crimes are investigated.”

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