Marshfield police have identified a teachers aide accused of driving drunk and providing alcohol for two 16-year-old students. Police Chief Gary Jepsen is requesting criminal charges of third-offense OWI and child neglect against 52-year-old Fran Daniel. She’s accused of taking the students to McDonald’s in Marshfield last Friday morning while was intoxicated, and providing them with alcohol along the way. This all came to light after Daniel collided with another vehicle in a McDonald’s drive-through lane. “Ms. Daniel was quite intoxicated, and the 16-year-old students who had been taken out of school by her had also been consuming intoxicating beverages,” Jepsen said, adding that the alcohol had been provided by Daniel. Jepsen said one of the students chose to drive Daniels’ car back to Marshfield High School, where police officers were waiting. Jepsen said the two students will be facing municipal citations for underage alcohol consumption, but nothing more. Meanwhile, the Marshfield School District is conducting its own internal investigation while students and staff members are off this week for spring break. WDLB

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