The Green Bay Packers will take their team photo in Dallas next Friday,

Mike McCarthy

ending the first controversial issue they’ve had to face while preparing for Super Bowl 45.

The move from Tuesday to Friday will allow all of the teams players, including those on injured reserve, to be a part of the team’s Super Bowl picture.  Those players on I.R. aren’t scheduled to arrive in Dallas until Thursday.

Linebacker Nick Barnett and tight end Jermichael Finley both took acception  to being left out originally, publicly stating through Twitter, their frustration.

Today, Packers coach Mike McCarthy shed some light on the teams decision- making and stated his displeasure towards Barnett and Finley for airing their grievances publicly.  McCarthy didn’t apologize for the original scheduling.  He said he heard about the complaints, but didn’t pay much attention to them “because of the individuals involved.”

Based on the coaches comments today, one gets the idea that had it not been for the captains, the original decision would never have been reversed.

AUDIO: Bill Scott puts a wrap on the Packers Super Bowl photo issue 1:35

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