The first thing that came to my mind when I heard of the unfortunate death of former Packers' great Max McGee was what is a 75 year old man blowing leaves off of his roof.  McGee fell to his death on Saturday after falling from that roof. 

But I quickly allowed that process to leave my mind and think about some of the great things that Max has accomplished in his lifetime.  McGee had become a self-made millionaire.  But what's even more impressive was his willingness to help others, raising millions more to help various charities.

Max always made time for anyone who approached him.  He was happy and jovial anytime you saw him.  McGee had a way of making people laugh.  His playing day pranks are all well documented and those stories will be told over and over again.  But often times what gets overlooked is his charity work.

Max and his wife Denise founded the Max McGee National Research Center for Juvenile Diabetes at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee in 1999. 

Following his playing days, McGee became the color analyst for Packers Football with Jim Irwin on the Green Bay Packers Radio Network.  That's when I met Max, while working for the Packers Radio Network doing pre and post game work.  Once again, Max made me feel right at home.

When I look back at the wonderful life he had and the many lives he's touched, I can't help but think what was Max doing up on that roof blowing leaves.  Surely he could have afforded to pay somebody to do the chore for him.  I only question this because he had so many more lives to touch and people to make happy. 

We're all going to miss you Max.


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