State lawmakers are being urged to help keep alcohol out of the hands of teenagers.

Dr. Paul Grossberg of the UW School of Medicine says the younger teens are exposed to alcohol, the greater the risk they’ll develop lifelong problems. Grossberg says that’s because they’re brains are not developed enough to process the intoxicating effects.

Grossberg is part of a statewide coalition that’s urging lawmakers to pass a bill that would stop teens from drinking with their parents in public before they turn 18. State law currently allows it for children of any age. Even though some parents claim it allows them to introduce their kids to responsible drinking, Grossberg says it sends a confusing and unhealthy message.

Grossberg says allowing kids to drink at a young age will impact the rest of their lives. He says teen patients come to him every day who are suffering from the ill effects of alcohol abuse.

The bill is currently being considered by a Senate committee.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:08)

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