Milwaukee Police have shot and killed a man who fired a shot at a driver near the downtown transit center in Milwaukee. Police Chief Ed Flynn said officers found the armed suspect on the second floor of the building, after he had earlier fired a shot at a motorist who called 911 and provided a description.

Flynn said the man was armed with a semiautomatic pistol and “engaged in threatening behavior” before being fired on by three officers. He died at the scene.

Flynn credited the driver, who called police after the suspect had attempted to open his car door and then fired the shot at him. Flynn said their was no prior relationship between the two men, and the incident took place in an area that is pretty quiet.

“There’s nothing remotely like this kind of random attempt to take somebody’s car in broad daylight at 7:00 in the morning,” Flynn said. “It’s a highly unusual set of circumstances.” The man has not been identified.


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