Where there’s smoke, or at the very least the smell of it, there isn’t always fire. Smoke from the Pagami Creek forest fire near Ely, Minnesota has filtered into Wisconsin, causing calls to law enforcement dispatchers across the state from residents concerned there might be a real fire nearby.

Meteorologist Karl Klopotic says the conditions have been just right for the smoke to travel great distances. As the smoke rises into the atmosphere, high pressure then pushes it back down to the surface, resulting in the smell lingering in the air.

Tom Wendt with the Fond du Lac Fire Department says they have received several reports about the smell of smoke in the air. At one point a fire truck was sent out in response. He says they are aware of the smoke coming down from far northern Minnesota, but an investigation is often needed just in case.

The National Weather Service issued a special statement Tuesday morning about the air quality, which could be unhealthy for the elderly and those with respiratory conditions for several days.

Bob Nelson, KFIZ

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