The Governor has signed into law regulations on mixed martial arts (MMA) but some who advocated for the bill are criticizing a provision requiring fighters to have insurance. Madison fight trainer Mark Plavcan says, “it’s not smart to fight without insurance;” but he understands concerns about finding affordable coverage.

Plavcan says some insurers who cover extreme sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding, have opened up to MMA as well. But with some fighters only bringing in a few hundred dollars a competition, he says a potentially high premium cost may be hard to justify.

Plavcan, who co-owns “Twisted Fitness Gym,” was among a group including promoters and physicians who pushed for the oversight which includes requiring ringside physicians and pre-and-post fight physicals.

The bill only lays the groundwork for licensing and regulations in the events. The state’s Boxing Commissioner Hector Colon, who will oversee MMA, plans to meet with industry insiders to establish unified rules for the fast growing sport.

The new law requires the first sanctioned MMA event to occur within seven months from the signing of the bill which occured Friday.

Brian Moon reports (:69)


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