A seven year old is trying to cope with witnessing his mother’s murder in April 2009. The man responsible for the death of Erica Ostenson was sentenced Thursday in Rock County Court. Kyle Hicke will not be eligible for parole until 2052. The victim’s mother, Sue Ostenson, spoke at Kyle Hicke’s sentencing, tearfully explaining the effects the shooting has had on her grandson. “He misses her a lot, you can see it in his actions and on his face,” said Ostenson. “There is pain and anguish there, but at only seven years old, he can’t put his grief, pain and anger and sorrow into words. All he can do is lash out. He is missing out on so many things he could be doing with his mommy.”

Damon was five years old when he witnessed his mother’s murder in April 2009. Prosecutors say he blames himself for not stopping Hicke. Hicke shot Erica Ostenson on the front porch of her Janesville home in broad daylight, then led police on a chase from Janesville to Beloit and back. Prosecutor Jodi Dabson Bollendorf spokes of the day of the shooting and the little boy’s interactions with police. “He told the officer that he tried to politely tell the defendant (Hicke) “no don’t shoot my mother.” He told the officer when they were drawing the picture on the board, that the officer needed to draw tears on his face because he was crying when this was happening. He actually took the pen himself, and drew the circles on his mother to show where the defendant had shot her.” Hicke won’t be eligible for parole until 2052. Prosecutor Jodi Dabson Bollendorf says Hicke’s behavior in jail is an aggravating factor – Hicke called Sue Ostenson from the Rock County jail and taunted her about her daughter’s death.

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Beth Wheelock, WCLO

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