It's the spring shopping season and the state's Consumer Protection Office has some money-savings tips

Consumer Protection's Glen Loyd says he's not trying to be anti-business but sometimes shopping can be a battle of wills. Yours and the stores'

Loyd says stores try to get you to do something such as buy more, pay extra or pay later. But Loyd says consumers shouldn't feel compelled to go along.

For example, do you really need to spend more money on that extended warranty? Loyd says it should be implied in the sale that the product you're buying is new and working. The only exception he can think of is maybe a laptop or something that can be easily dropped.

Loyd also points to the loss leader trick. An item is advertised at a bargain price just to get you into the store with the hope you will walk out with many more expensive items.

Or there's an ad that says you can get a great price if you purchase two, three or more of the same item. Loyd says if you don't need that many buy one and you should get the same discount.

Loyd's not implying anything illegal is going on. He says it's just a matter of saving consumers some money.



AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:01 MP3 )

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