Members of the Wisconsin Congressional delegation continue to take a stand in the debate over the Iraq War.

Gwen Moore, the democrat from Milwaukee, said the problem with the administration's Iraq policy is that it's based on fear and pride.

Fear that if we pull out the region will turn into a bloodbath and overrun by terrorists. But Moore contends that's what's happening now and will continue no matter when US troops leave.

Moore says pride keeps US troops in Iraq because the administration is afraid to admit its policy is not working and continues to make mistakes in order to keep up appearances.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore says the US is not going to impose democracy on Iraq by military force, so we might as well get out as soon a reasonably possible. She says no matter when the US withdraws, Iraq will still be in pieces, not at peace.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:06 MP3 )

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