The Doyle administration calls it Ten-thousand Acre Day marking the purchase of more land for public use.

Governor Doyle is making several stops around the state and Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton was at the Mead Wildlife Area in central Wisconsin to announce the addition of ten thousand seven hundred acres of land that will be open for public recreational use.

It's worth about  fifteen-million dollars and includes land stretching from the far northwest to the southeast and from Green Bay to La Crosse.

Most of the money for the land purchase comes from the Stewardship Fund. Today's statewide announcements by the Governor and Lt. Governor are also meant to send a message to the legislature.

The Stewardship fund currently borrows sixty-million dollars a year for these land purchases. The Governor wants the legislature to expand that limit to one hundred and five-million.

The Lt. Governor says the purchase of these acres not only adds to the quality of life in the state but adds to the state's economic picture through tourism.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:15 MP3 )

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