A winter of DNR sharpshooter hunting at Devil's Lake State Park has turned up more CWD deer.

A hundred and sixteen deer have been culled from the state park in Sauk County so far. Seven deer tested positive from inside the park, another one from just outside the border.

But what Greg Matthews and the DNR don't know yet, is the disease spreading to that area or has it been there all along?

Either way, wildlife experts say the way to get rid of the disease is to downsize the herd. But Matthews says the DNR can't do that without help from landowners and for some reason he says, some landowners just haven't gotten on board with that concept and refuse access to their land.

That's why the DNR will start a public dialogue this summer around the state trying to find out what hunters and landowners think should be done.

After testing several areas of the state, with only the northern section left to do, Matthews says there's some good news. CWD seems to be confined to certain areas in the southern part of the state and has not spread further north.

Now they just have to eradicate it from there and keep it from spreading.


AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:07 MP3 )

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