Roads are expected to be busy this year, so leave early and be flexible.

Triple-A is projecting almost 90 million Americans will be traveling 50 miles or more away from home during the year-end holidays. That’s 3.8% more than last year’s Christmas to New Year period. In the Badger State, Beth Mosher with the Triple-A says, the increase is even higher.

About 1.7 million Wisconsinites will travel, that’s up just over 10.5% from last year.

She says the fact that more Americans are traveling during the winter holidays shows consumers are continuing to get more confident in their personal financial situations.

The auto club says most people will travel by car, but air travel will increase almost 3% from last year. Gas prices are up a buck a gallon, to about $2.57, but that’s apparently not effecting people’s travel plans.

As for the weather factor … Mosher says that remains to be seen. She suggests motorists be flexible to avoid stress.

Mosher says it’s always a good idea to keep an emergency kit in the car. And if you get stranded, stay with the vehicle. Mosher stresses, carry more than you need of the products you absolutely need in case you get stranded or delayed at the airport, items such as prescription drugs, snacks, baby formula, and diapers.

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