State elections officials are not texting, calling, or mailing you about re-registering to vote in November.

Meagan Wolfe of the Wisconsin Elections Commission says if someone is contacting you to tell you you’ve been dropped off the voter rolls, it’s coming from third-party groups, and it’s usually not true.

“Call the Wisconsin Elections Commission, call your municipal or your county clerk, and they’ll be able to provide you with the actual information about elections,” Wolfe said “Going to ‘MyVote‘ is an excellent resource as well.”

Wolfe says what some third party groups are doing is not illegal, but that plenty of people are not happy about it. “Ultimately I think the message for voters is, as you see some of these mailers, text messages, robocalls and you’re questioning that information, it’s okay to ignore that information and to look to the official source for that information.”

“You can check your voter registration record, you can check your status of your absentee ballot request, you can view your voter history, find your polling place, your sample ballot. All of the things in the data that a voter needs to know, you can find at the ‘MyVote‘ site.”

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