A Dane County judge went above the recommendation Wednesday, as he sentenced the man who left a 25 year old women to die in a roadside ditch. Prosecutors and the defense had agreed to a 15 year sentence for Michael DeSalvo in the death of Angela Drake, but Dane County Judge Robert DeChambeau sentenced DeSalvo to 25 years in prison. Drake's father, Larry, spoke at the sentencing hearing Wednesday, refering to DeSalvo as a "narcissistic sociopath." Angela Drake was left to die in a ditch on a frigid December night in 2005, wearing just a turtle neck and socks. DeSalvo claimed he thought she was already dead. He did apologize to her family Wednesday, saying he's "a good person" when he's doing what he's supposed to. Drake went home with Desalvo after meeting him at a bar that night. Desalvo claims he woke up and thought Angela was dead, panicked and dumped her body. Her cause of death: hypothermia. Drake's mother, Anne Olson, also made a statement at the hearing. "She died alone that cold night," said Olson. "I hope she hated Michael DeSalvo."

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