An embattled lawmaker has got to go, says the colleague calling for his expulsion from the state Assembly. State Representative Steve Nass said he’ll bring his resolution calling for the expulsion of Representative Jeff Wood to the floor of the Assembly, if a committee formed to deal with the issue doesn’t act. The Whitewater Republican said Woods’ actions go far beyond other lawmakers who’ve been caught driving drunk. “This has risen to a level of repeated conduct,” said Nass.

Rep. Steve Nass (18:00 MP3) AUDIO: Rep. Steve Nass (18:00 MP3)

Nass’ resolution makes note of drunk driving arrests Wood, a Chippewa Falls independent, had in 1990 and ’91, something his attorney John Hyland objects to. “I very much in theory disagree that any legislator should be called on the carpet for actions that occurred before he was elected,” said Hyland.

John Hyland (3:30 MP3)  AUDIO: John Hyland (3:30 MP3)

Members of the committee have prepared amendments that would impose less severe penalties on Wood, who’s already indicated he won’t seek reelection. Nass said Democrats are dragging their feet in order to retain Woods’ vote for the remainder of the legislative session, and that’s why he’ll continue to push for expulsion. Nass said he stands ready to testify and face cross examination by Woods’ attorney the next time the committee meets. That date has not been scheduled.

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