Madison's Crimestoppers hotline is apparently mining new leads in the disappearance of 22-year old Kelly  Nolan. Although she hasn't been found yet.

Nolan is the UW-Whitewater student who separated from a group of friends late Friday June 22nd in downtown Madison and hasn't been heard from since.

Madison police spokesman Joel Despain says police are checking the leads called in on Crimestoppers. Some witnesses apparently saw Nolan walking around downtown after she left her friends but that's it.

But police are getting other calls as well. Despain says national networks are calling daily. Some call several times a day apparently trying to determine what level of coverage to give the case.

Despain says he's heard from CBS's 48 Hours, the CBS Morning Show, CNN and Fox shows which have been calling several times a day.

Despain, a former Madison TV reporter, says he's not surprised. A young, missing co-ed who disappears from downtown near a campus seems to be the type of story the national media likes, he says.

The last time there was national attention surrounding a missing person in Madison was the Audrey Seiler hoax back in 2004. 

AUDIO: Joel Despain MPD spokesperson ( :33 MP3 )

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