With a large portion of the Brewers fan base clamoring for Ned Yost's removal as the Milwaukee Brewers  manager, the teams ownership now needs to listen.

Brewers owner Mark Attanasio stated earlier this week that Yost's job was safe and that he'd be back in 2008.  That left many Brewers fans fuming.  What happened a couple night's later should have the owner and the general manager fuming.

Prince Fielder got plunked by a pitch from Brad Thompson, likely a carry-over from earlier in the series when Brewers righthander Jeff Suppan buzzed Albert Pujols right near the old melon.

Thompson responded by hitting Fielder.  Given the stakes for the Brewers, the score should have been even and game over.  But that wasn't good enough for Yost.  Just like a little kid loses his temper and his ability to rationalize, Yost called for the hit on Albert Pujols.  The Brewers manager denied the order, but he'd be in big trouble with Major League Baseball if he said anything different.

The Cardinals naturally went on to score four runs and beat the Brewers 7-3. 

Instead of remaining calm and perhaps holding retaliation over until next year, Yost lost his cool.  It may have cost the Brewers a chance to win and gain another game on the division leading Cubs. 

Yost has now been ejected three times in the last four games and his leadership skills are eroding.  Instead of worrying about ways to beat the Cardinals and draw closer to the Cubs, Yost was only worried about getting even. 

Mark Attanasio has the right to change his mind and he needs to do it with Yost.  Ned, I'm no longer in your corner.  You pulled a real boneheaded stunt and it's now time for you to go.


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