Governor Tony Evers has agreed to allow Wisconsin National Guard personnel to be available to work at polling places in the state’s spring elections, as fears about coronavirus keep many regular poll workers at home.

With an acute shortage of workers for the April 7 election in Wisconsin, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos on Wednesday urged those who can work the polls to volunteer.

“I intend to work at a polling place on Election Day,” Vos said. “My wife has also volunteered at a different location, because we do appreciate that many of the poll workers either are concerned about their own safety or have some kind of an issue that might prevent them from being at the polls.”

More than 100 Wisconsin municipalities don’t have enough poll workers for next week’s election. Local clerks were surveyed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission The survey found 111 municipalities are short more than 670 poll workers – meaning they are too short-handed to offer in-person voting. Another 126 municipalities say won’t be able to staff all of their polling sites because they are missing more than 27 hundred poll workers.

The Elections Commission announced Wednesday that well over 1 million absentee ballots have been requested, and some 350,000 votes have already been cast. “Hopefully that will reduce the number of people who show up on the 7th of April, to cast their ballot in person,” said Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald.

Vos and Fitzgerald commented during a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. People who are interested in working at the polls April 7 can should contact their local clerks.

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