Many Wisconsinites may be getting fed up with an onslaught of negative campaign ads. They've been running for months, and Jay Heck with Common Cause in Wisconsin says it may keep many voters away from the polls. Heck says voter turnout in past gubernatorial races has dropped by as much as 15 points, because of all the negative campaigning.

Heck says special interest groups are to blame for almost 80% of the ads currently running on TV and radio. He says that may build on an already negative opinion about Wisconsin politics for many people. However, those negative ads and recent political scandals could also make Wisconsin ripe for reform in the next legislative session. Heck is hoping it will clear the way for lawmakers to consider new reforms, such as a bill proposed this week that would limit special interest spending in political races.

AUDIO: Andrew Beckett reports (MP3 1:01)

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