Temperatures will reach into the 80's over most of the state today. Not bad. But a reminder of what's to come.

The warm weather probably feels good after a long winter but soon the hot, hazy, breath-taking weather will be here.

Lori Getter with state Emergency management says it's not too early to think about what to do when the heat waves come because those days of temperatures in the high 80's and 90's with high humidity can be killers.

In 1995 there were one hundred fifty four deaths directly related to the heat and more than three hundred heat related illnesses. In fact Getter says more people die of heat in Wisconsin than from tornadoes, flooding or other severe weather.

Getter says the intense heat can affect people on certain medications, the elderly and very young. She says you need to look for cool places. Slow down your activity. Drink plenty of water and by all means don't leave children or pets in a parked car.

Getter says the temperature in a closed car can jump to  ten times higher than outside in just a matter of minutes.

The Governor has declared this Thursday Heat Awareness Day in the state.

AUDIO: Jim Dick reports ( 1:16 MP3 )

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