Aaron Kampman With OTA's hitting their second week in Green Bay, there's still a general lack of uncertainty surrounding the Packers locker-room when it comes to veteran players wondering what's up. 

The Packers are making a change to a 3-4 defensive scheme and veteran players aren't sure what to think.  It's still too early in the game for most players to form an opinion.  Yet others, like Packers pro bowl defensive end Aaron Kampman appear to be on edge.  Kampman said he would discuss the change with reporters last week, and then changed his mind.  Kampman is entering the final year of his contract and his silence would tell you that he's not thrilled to be making a defensive switch. 

Kampman has 37 sacks over the last three seasons as a defensive end.  He's now being asked to switch to outside linebacker, learning new techniques and a whole new language. 

The head coach, right on through the coaching ranks, they all say Kampman's transition to outside linebacker is going smoothly.  But until Kampman actually steps in front of the microphone to echo the thoughts of his coaching staff, it's safe to say that he's not happy. 

If there's ever a player deserving of a contract extension, it would be Kampman.  He's performed at a superior level for this Packers defense for the last several years.  So should he be concerned?  Absolutely!  The Packers haven't offered him an extension yet, and they probably won't until they see exactly what he can do on the field in his new role at outside linebacker. 

So while I would love to hear exactly what's on his mind, Kampman is justified in his silence.  He deserves more, but the Packers aren't likely give him anything until they know he'll make the grade.  Sounds to me like the Packers are talking out of both sides of their mouth.  They're telling us they're convinced Kampman will perform well in the new 3-4.  Yet so far, they haven't been willing extend the pro bowl lineman's contract.  Unfortunately for Kampman, the ball is in their court.

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